WRNS Studio Looks Forward with 18 Promotions

WRNS Studio Looks Forward with 18 Promotions

WRNS Studio has named three partners, three senior associates, and twelve associates to support our tremendous growth. The promotions mark a new chapter of leadership at WRNS Studio as we serve a national clientele out of offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Honolulu, and New York.

“When we look forward five, ten, or fifteen years, we ask ourselves who will carry the legacy of place-based, critical design forward. Our new leaders bring the kind of plurality of talents and interests that have always defined WRNS, whether it’s the ability to draw beautifully, curate place, advocate for equity, craft an exquisite building skin, or execute in a way that maintains design intent,” says founding partner, Bryan Shiles.

The three new partners are Lilian Asperin, Tim Morshead, and Russell Sherman. A leader within our higher education practice, Lilian was recently elected to a three-year term as the Society for College and University Planning’s Pacific Regional Council Chair. She is also a Board Director of AIA San Francisco and Co-Chair of the Equity by Design Committee. One of the studio’s lead designers, Tim Morshead’s portfolio includes an expansion to Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis Medical Center. Russell Sherman, who has been with WRNS since 2006, is recognized for his ability to steward projects through the most complex of processes, contributing greatly to the firm’s reputation for matching design excellence with hands-on, client-focused delivery. Sherman is responsible for two recent projects that auger in a more sustainable, publicly-engaged workplace experience for San Jose’s Santana Row.

Partners Tim Morshead, Lilian Asperin, and Russell Sherman

Moses Vaughan, Molly Thomas, and Stephen Kelley have been named senior associates, a new role within WRNS, created to expand our ability to serve clients, manage growth, and cultivate the next generation of firm leaders. Stephen helped start WRNS Studio’s New York office. His design portfolio includes the recently completed Collision Lab at Cornell Tech and numerous projects for Facebook and Microsoft. As our marketing and communications director, Molly Thomas has played a critical role in landing the firm’s most transformative projects, and she recently co-authored a research publication, Workplace + Public Realm. Moses Vaughan brings a particular focus on craft, having developed innovative building technologies for projects serving Adobe, UCSF, and Intuit.

Senior Associates Moses Vaughan and Molly Thomas

Senior Associate Stephen Kelley and Associate Dan Sakai 

The twelve new associates include Daniel Johnson, Tim Jonas, Emily Jones, Jonas Kellner, Jon Kershner, Natalie Kittner, Crispin Lazarit, Eric Lilhanand, Ben Mikus, Dan Sakai, Hattie Stroud, and Lily Weeks.

“Our new associates are teaching, leading projects, mentoring staff, making our culture strong and fun, and introducing new tools, technologies, and ways of working. They elevate their peers and our leadership, bringing out the best in all of us,” says WRNS Studio partner Melinda Rosenberg. The new associates have been responsible for some of the firm’s most innovative projects, including the Dolby Headquarters Screening Room in San Francisco and Sonoma Academy’s AIA COTE award-winning Janet Durgin Guild & Commons.

Associates Daniel Johnson, Lily Weeks, Tim Jonas, Natalie Kittner, Jonas Kellner, Hattie Stroud, Ben Mickus, Emily Jones, Eric Lilhanand, and Crispin Lazarit

Associate Jon Kershner

Associates Hattie Stroud and Crispin Lazarit

Partner Lilian Asperin and Associate Hattie Stroud

Associates Lily Weeks and Emily Jones, Senior Associate Molly Thomas, and Associate Laura Stedman

Associates Daniel Johnson and Lily Weeks

Associates Jonas Kellner and Ben Mickus