Stories of the Studio

Stories of the Studio

Our #BehindtheStudio Instagram series explores the people of WRNS Studio and their thoughts on design. Fortunately we have no shortage of fascinating characters.

“I love the ambiguity of design — the initial indeterminacy of what the answer is. It’s simultaneously maddening and freeing because it could be anything. I enjoy the challenge of finding the rules and parameters that begin to shape what will ultimately become your design, but there are no immediate answers. If you're going into the process thinking you have it all figured out, the design probably won't be very good. You really have to search for an idea, and that search is what’s rewarding to me. Where am I going to go? How am I going to get there?”  — Daniel Johnson


"I like surprising people. It’s easy to have these prescribed notions about what things should be. You don’t even question your assumptions. Design can provoke people to look at things in ways they never thought of before, and they can surprise the sh** out of themselves." — Jon Kershner


“I find inspiration in the people I work with. I’m definitely a better designer when I’m working collaboratively in a team, and I’m always really inspired by how we can develop solutions collectively. You bounce things off of each other, and the best ideas emerge after they're filtered through all of these different brains.” 
— Terra Wegner


"I like to think about the level of daylight in a room. Where do the openings happen? How should they look and function? I tend to think about that first before laying out an elevation. For me, it’s important to understand the human experience and the feel of the space in the room. I design from the inside out." 
—Hien Vuong


“What I love about design is that every day is different. You’re never doing the same thing twice." — Jessica Rothschild


“I love telling the stories of the incredible group of thinkers, tinkerers and artists at WRNS Studio. I come into work each day knowing I’ll learn something new. That’s what #BehindTheStudio is all about — letting the designers share their stories and a little glimpse into what makes them tick.” — Sam Moeller