Stanford Translational Research Campus

The Welch Road Translational Research Campus reflects Stanford University School of Medicine’s vision to transform its Welch Road properties from a parcel-zoned, suburban land-use to a more integrated, pedestrian-focused campus accessed largely by bikes, bus and shuttle. The campus is composed of two buildings: The Jill and John Freidenrich Center for Translational Research and the CJ Huang Asian Liver Center and Academic Medical Office Building.

The design of both buildings interprets Stanford’s campus vernacular in a contemporary way with a series of connected outdoor spaces; materials such as limestone, terra cotta, glass, and wood; and deep arcades and roof eaves. The generous landscape – the site now has 50% more green space than asphalt – sets these buildings apart from their immediate neighbors, connects them with one another and reinforces Stanford’s tradition of elegant landscape design. The main entry walk from the street is framed by a terra cotta panel wall and stone-covered arcade, which leads to a quiet entry courtyard. Second-floor terraces overlook this courtyard, and outdoor stairs connect all levels of the buildings from this central space. Heritage oaks, cedars and other large trees were preserved.

Subterranean parking and an outdoor cafe serve occupants of both buildings, reinforcing the continuity of the campus. A shared multipurpose, outdoor seating area and lawn provide community space that promotes collaboration and accommodates fundraising and outreach events.

Site-wide water conservation and management strategies include flow through planters and a grey water irrigation loop for filtering all water onsite. Concrete slabs taken from the site’s existing buildings were crushed on-site and used for engineered fill.

CJ Huang Center

The Asian Liver Center occupies the first floor of the CJ Huang Building, serving as the hub for a global outreach program to educate and empower Asian communities suffering from Hepatitis B. From this center, clinical groups work closely with teams housed in the neighboring Freidenrich Center for Translational Research. The second floor accommodates academic medical offices and additional meeting areas.

Freidenrich Center

This center represents a new kind of research facility, designed specifically to encourage collaboration and discovery by linking academic research with clinical practice. By co-locating clinical practitioners and medical researchers under one roof, the Freidenrich Translational Research Center streamlines the clinical trial process and hastens the availability of innovative new therapies for cancer patients. The Freidenrich Center accommodates 250 staff members involved in clinical research and houses three organizations: the Clinical Trials Research Units; the Cancer Clinical Trials Office; and Spectrum, the Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research.

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