Peninsula Crossing Life Sciences Development

Peninsula Crossing proposes to transform 12 acres of underutilized waterfront space in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area into a dynamic life sciences neighborhood. Looking to set a new standard in development, Peninsula Crossing advances a thriving public realm with diverse amenities, natural plantings, and a regenerated natural environment. The concept includes generous public gathering spaces to accommodate a wide variety of uses, including food and beverage facilities, recreation, and events.

In addition to three new buildings, the proposed project includes shoreline improvements, the extension the Bay Trail, a popular regional pedestrian pathway, two cafes located along the new shoreline public space, ample outdoor gathering areas, a restored creek and wetland, and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. The project will connect a network of open spaces, including a new 4 ½ acre public park located on the project site, with the Bay Trail, which currently dead ends on both sides of the property. Additionally, the buildings, the Bay Trail, and the adjacent shoreline and creek areas are designed and engineered to incorporate a 100-year sea-level rise strategy.

Three new 11-story office/research buildings would total approximately 1.42 million square feet, a density strategy that maximizes public open space at grade. Double-height lobbies open onto porch-like entry plazas creating a vibrant indoor/outdoor ground plane. Anticipating increased use of public transit, the site and circulation are configured to accommodate commuter shuttles and connect with nearby transit stations and pedestrian walkways.

The massing concept breaks down the scale of the buildings into slender upper-level volumes that face the public open spaces. The buildings are divided into upper volumes with a taut and ethereal glass and metal skin, and lower volumes that feature a solid earth-like texture and granular and pedestrian-scaled massing. The broad faces of the upper levels are rotated away from the nearby highway to maximize view corridors toward the Bay, while helping to shape the significant open spaces that they face.

In a region long defined by unsustainable development biased toward cars and highways, Peninsula Crossing takes cues from the best of our great cities. Walkable and full of choice, Peninsula Crossing will attract talent with modern, healthy workplace environments while bringing significant benefits to the City of Burlingame and the local community.

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