Orange County Great Park

The Orange County Great Park project represents the conversion of over 1,300 acres of the retired El Toro Marine Air Corps Station into a major urban park and hub of civic life. When completed, this $1.2 billion plan will provide the citizens of Orange County with a wide array of venues, including a sports park, a visitors center, museums, a library, trails for walking and biking, a botanical garden, a golf course and lake, an amphitheater, and a tethered helium observation balloon that serves as the park’s icon.

In 2008, WRNS Studio was selected to provide the Orange County Great Park Corporation with design management services to implement the New York-based landscape architect Ken Smith’s master plan. Our role evolved from Design and Financial Manager to Architect of Record, responsible for conducting feasibility studies, master planning, and designing new amenities like the recently completed Visitors Center and the envisioned Great Park Library. We also served as city representative as new proposals were considered for the Park’s development.

Our efforts include:

Western Sector

(largely completed)

  • North Lawns (large multi-use lawn north of the Orange County Timeline)
  • Visitors Center
  • South Lawn (4 soccer fields, restroom building, outdoor picnic areas, outdoor chess, reflection ponds)
  • Palm Court (64 palm trees in large, formal courtyard flanked by artist-in-residence studios)
  • Hangar 244 (multi-use event building)
  • Community Garden

Cultural Terrace District

  • Master Planning / Design (planning phase)
  • Ice Rink
  • Amphitheater at the Great Park (10,000-seat Live Nation concert venue)
  • Museum of Heritage and Aviation (MoHA)
  • Arts & Culture Center
  • Library
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