Mission College Library

In advancing a new vision for its campus Library, Mission College is ‘empowering every student to find their mission’ with a modern and accessible facility that instills a culture of helping, learning, collaborating, and sharing.

Originally built in 1999, the Library’s current configuration lacks the variety, quality, or amount of space required for commuter students, many of which lack an alternative study environment. Recognizing that some of the most influential and formative learning experiences take place outside of traditional library spaces, the renovated Library will be rejuvenated with comfortable, distinct zones for studying, socializing, and administrative services that serve as a dynamic extension of campus life.

The Library is situated along a pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the main vehicular drop-off and the Interdisciplinary Plaza, also designed by WRNS Studio. Despite this key campus artery, the Library’s only entry point is located at the back of the building and fails to draw in students between classes. The renovation will see the installation of a new entrance, creating a direct passageway through the Library from the Student Engagement Center to Campus Center. The newly introduced passageway will also serve as a security line, facilitating after-hours use of a portion of the Library. While the renovation will maintain the existing footprint, the introduction of an outdoor reading garden with seating areas surrounded by natural plantings will allow the Library to expand program offerings without adding square footage. Access to the new reading garden will be from within the building, enriching the learning experience and encouraging students who might not otherwise spend time at the Library.

The full transformation of the Library’s interiors will see the formerly cavernous space carved up into organically-shaped zones that enable different levels of privacy from quiet places for individual study or one-on-one consultation to larger settings for collaborative projects and public gatherings. Key to making this plan a reality is the right-sizing of space dedicated to administrative functions and book stacks that once formed visual and physical barriers. Librarian offices will be located along the perimeter with ample privacy and natural light yet within the line of sight to the circulation desk. Book stacks will be reduced and distributed throughout the Library to produce a sense of exploration and discovery in the research process. Technology-equipped informal lounge areas and group study rooms will be outfitted with moveable furniture creating inviting environments that showcase learning and meet the contemporary needs of students.

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