Intuit Bayshore Building (MTV-22)

Intuit’s Mountain View-22 Building (Bayshore) helps transform a former 1980’s suburban office park into a walkable and porous campus, modeling a more sustainable development pattern for Silicon Valley. Highly visible from Highway 101, Bayshore is a gateway to both the Intuit campus and the City of Mountain View. The planning and geometry of Bayshore, with 178,600 square feet on four floors, can be understood as low, wide, connected, and flexible. This strategy echoes that of its adjacency, Marine Way, also designed by WRNS Studio (site planning + architecture), and Clive Wilkinson Architects (interior design). With a ground floor that emerges from the landscape as a solid, textured base, glassy loft-like upper levels, and extensive terraces, Bayshore joins Marine Way to frame a new campus entry. The project creates a new center of gravity and strengthens circulation throughout the campus.  

Bayshore embodies Intuit’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, diversity and inclusion. Design completed before the pandemic; however, significant changes were made during construction to support Intuit’s re-imagined hybrid work model—a “Stronger Together” ethos. The spaces people came back to needed to foster increased in-person collaboration and accelerated innovation. In response, the new building accommodates 1,000 employees with large floor plates organized into flexible, human-scaled neighborhoods, providing different ways to collaborate, focus, and socialize. 

The heart of the building is a three story-atrium and interconnecting stair that pulls natural light deep into the plates, minimizes energy, and encourages movement. With a sixty-foot span, vast clerestory windows draw natural light into the broad floor plates, creating a textured, inspiring, and reflective environment. The stair entices employees to wander through the building and discover its myriad offerings. A wide range of differently scaled environments—conference rooms, food pantries, libraries, outdoor workspaces—encircle the stair, offering Intuit’s community choice and comfort. 

The open office environments use bold and playful architectural and furniture finishes, layering in hospitality design elements while providing diverse work settings surrounded by lush plants. A raised access floor system allows for easy reconfiguration of infrastructure, ensuring  future flexibility in workspace layout. Conference rooms, lounges, food pantries, libraries, and outdoor spaces offer Intuit’s community choice and comfort. Furniture was specified to accommodate Intuit’s diverse employees and people of all abilities.

One of Intuit’s core values centers on using products that support small, local businesses. Intuit partnered with ArtLifting, a social enterprise that champions artists impacted by housing insecurities or disabilities. 85% of employee resource groups are represented, including Intuit’s Indigenous Peoples, Pride, African Ancestry, and Abilities Networks. Displaying this artwork, Intuit beautifies the space while providing income, validation, increased self-confidence, and continued motivation for local artists. In addition, reflecting Intuit’s dedication to customers, spaces are furnished and accessorized with client products.

Designed to embrace the mild climate of Mountain View’s North Bayshore Area, design strategies enhance resource efficiency, expand the natural habitat, ensure good indoor environmental quality, reduce water consumption and waste, and enable the expanded use of transit options. Extensive terraces invite employees to bring their work or personal time outside, while helping to knit the campus together. The terraces and green roofs are part of a comprehensive landscape plan that supports the region’s biodiversity and offers educational opportunities about the ecology of nearby tidal estuaries and coastal lowland. The green roofs incorporate naturalized wetland bio-filtration areas to help sustain local salt marsh and grassland biome species while reducing the burden on the current infrastructure. 

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