Halewai’olu Senior Residences

The Halewai’olu Senior Residences bring together senior residents, their visitors and the broader public with a vibrant mixed-use program that reflects the diverse and energetic soul of Honolulu’s Chinatown.  The design features over 150 affordable housing units for low-income seniors, as well as a community center, which acts as a hub of social activity. The program draws people into the neighborhood while providing a daily source of community and recreation for residents.

Situated atop the Community Center, the Rooftop Garden will serve residents only. This landscaped, elevated place of repose will offer residents a place to connect with one another, relax alone, practice Tai Chi or take in the views of Nuuanu Stream and the Riverwalk. While separate from the public amenities below, it will feel connected and protected.

Key to long life is health and wellness, and our concept weaves sustainability into the design wherever possible with the intent of providing the people who will live at the Halewai’olu Residences fresh air, comfort, views, and easy access to exercise and relaxation. Likewise, there is no teasing apart sustainability from the aesthetics of this building. For instance, on the residences, insulated glass window walls provide dramatic views, pull in ample daylight, and reduce the need for artificial lighting and energy.

Our concept offers a holistic systems approach to resource conservation and management. Key strategies include photovoltaic panels to help reduce energy demands and an onsite stormwater management system that enables the development to manage its stormwater without placing any demands on city infrastructure.

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