Wulff Piotraschke

Associate, Project Architect

It’s easy to assume things are a given — a fixed variable — but Wulff makes it his business to question the status quo through every stage of design. After travelling through much of Europe and North America and practicing in San Diego, Seattle, Italy, and San Francisco, Wulff brings a cosmopolitan perspective to his work. As varied as the places he has lived are the project types and design phases he has worked in: from churches and fellowship halls to office buildings to the Academy of Sciences — one of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings. Though experienced in all design phases, he finds the greatest satisfaction in exploring the challenges of the Design Development and Construction Document phases, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of the building’s design with the project constraints to make it a buildable reality. He graduated from Arizona State University with his Master in Architecture and his Bachelor of Science and Design. 

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