Wesley Wong

Associate, Brand and Marketing Manager

In a Venn diagram visualizing the similarities between design, marketing, and operations, one might find traits like empathy, strategy, and attentiveness in the central intersection. Wesley fits comfortably within this nexus, helping lead WRNS Studio’s marketing and business development operations with thoughtfulness and vision. An accomplished designer with multiple design awards under his belt, Wesley began his career supporting the studio’s higher education and workplace sectors, lending his skills to projects at Airbnb and UC Merced, among others. Now an Associate and a leader within the marketing department, Wesley brings a trained architect’s lens to the team, balancing both perspective and precision. Wesley’s collaborative approach combined with his intuitive sense for people allows him to uplift each team member’s talents, leveraging these for the highest good of all involved.

Wesley earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. When he’s not in the studio, Wesley can be found cooking (but not baking), and traveling the world with his wife.

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