Terra Wegner

AIA / Associate, Senior Architect

Terra is interested in urban design and urban fabric — down to the details. What are cities with strong urban centers doing right compared to those that don’t? How do community voices impact the way our cities develop, and how can we use their voices as generative instruments? For Terra, much of her work answering these questions is an investigation into architecture as craft and how it is evolving. She relishes in exploring the constraints of our tools as makers — from pushing the limits on design software like Revit to physically making furniture. For her, design is an exercise in constant learning. By making connections between science, the human experience, built reality and culture, she seeks to contribute to the urban fabric of the cities and communities she calls home.

Prior to joining WRNS, Terra worked in Philadelphia on large-scale higher education projects for the Temple University and the renovation of a historic building into a performing arts center in Cleveland. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon.

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