Sunghee Franco

Project Designer

Sunghee is a well-versed architectural designer who thrives on preserving the integrity of a space, and balancing community with privacy. She approaches her craft as an exploration in history, building for current day needs while adhering to the larger urban and cultural context.

Originally from South Korea, she started her career in Seoul, working on high-profile projects including Harley Davidson of Korea. She moved to New York to further her education, where she earned her Master of Architecture from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Upon graduation, she worked as an architectural designer on ground-up, high-end residential projects, having had the chance to design every single interior and exterior element. There, she explored materiality and technology, using both to create personal experiences. To gain a better understanding of the work-live conundrum that many metropolises face, she took a position at an architecture and planning firm in San Francisco, where she developed innovative building types.

In July 2019, Sunghee joined WRNS marrying her residential sensibilities with her understanding of how design fits within the urban fabric. A creative, thought-leader, she helps the studio develop designs that accommodate multiple uses while enriching the user-experience.

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