Stefany Amasifuen


Stefany’s connection to architecture is instinctual, and her fascination tying design to emotion led her to the smaller scale culture at WRNS. As part of the New York studio, she’s excited about helping explore new territory and grow alongside WRNS on the East Coast. In her work, Stefany brings a focus on the details as well as a big picture perspective, considering materiality and the overall user experience. She always remembers the user she is designing for, across all project scales.

With a background in custom residential work in Miami, Stefany seeks to apply her client-centered approach to new typologies. As part of her design process, she often explores outside the studio, studying and thinking in spaces that reframe her perspective — a practice she began in graduate school. In turn, she seeks to design similar informal, flexible spaces that have the ability to make a subtle but memorable impact on people’s lives. She won Top­ Thesis of her class for her study on reimagining three simplistic elements, often overlooked: the door, window and stair, and how they could positively impact Belfast, Northern Ireland. For Stefany, these elements are the beginning of transforming space. After completing her Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida, she relocated to upstate New York to achieve her Master of Architecture at Cornell University where she worked as a design teaching assistant.

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