Spencer Bates

Associate, Designer

Spencer believes architects have the capacity to design and imagine spaces that invoke delight and enrich our daily lives. His interest in architecture began with a childhood fascination in a friend’s home—a collection of reused, colorful stucco pavilions that formerly comprised a swimming school. He strives to embody that creativity and captivate occupants with designs that similarly reimagine spaces and enliven the everyday.

At WRNS Hawaii, Spencer is focused on the challenges facing a population living 2,000 miles from the Mainland. How does one build sustainably when most building components are shipped across an ocean? How does one design in a contextual manner when the architectural milieu is more eclectic than consistent? With these questions in mind Spencer is excited to explore regional manufacturing and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the studio’s work on culturally significant and place-sensitive projects.

Spencer earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Boston University and a Masters in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley.


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