Savannah Everett

Graphic Designer

Passionate about architecture and the urban landscape, Savannah is a talented graphic designer who creates captivating, on-brand visuals across a variety of media. Whether she’s quickly hand sketching ideas during a brainstorm or using design software to fine tune marketing materials, she’s able to communicate ideas that inspire and inform.

Prior to joining WRNS Studio in July 2019, Savannah worked with an exhibits design firm in Illinois, producing eye-catching graphics for multiple high-level brands. Viewing architecture as a grand-scale exhibit designed to engage the broader community, her relocation was a natural move. Detailed-oriented and ultra-organized, at the studio, she continues to combine her arts background with her business acumen, helping to convey brand messaging and project ideas.

Savannah graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. A recent transplant, she enjoys uncovering San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods, eating and walking her way through the city. Occasionally, you’ll see her on the tennis courts.

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