Russell Sherman


Rus is one of WRNS Studio’s most talented Project Architects and committed mentors. Early in his career, he asked himself the question he asks many of our younger staff: what do you want to be doing in five, ten, even 20 years? Russ wanted a career in which he could breath life into design and truly own the process. With deep knowledge of the building code and a long history of successful management, he makes sure our design intent — from the big moves like siting and massing, down to the  smallest detail — carries through every project phase.

With more than 25 years of professional experience Rus has worked at several top architectural firms. Early in his career Rus found a strong mentor in Paul Holt, who taught him that drawing and constructability were inseparable. He considers it his responsibility to pass the same kind of hands-on teaching to the next generation. As a Partner at WRNS Studio, Rus provides not only strong project leadership but also active mentorship and commitment to the growth of WRNS staff.

He is a member of WRNS’ Human Resources team contributing to the management and hiring of staff and is a co-founder (along with Ed Kim) of WRNS U, a continuing education program designed to further improve the firm’s technical and project management systems while infusing the company with directed creative outlets.

Rus earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology’s Center for Architecture.

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