Raul Garduño

Partner, Senior Designer

If you ask Raul why he chose to be a designer, he will consider the question carefully, raise his hands, and say, “perhaps it was just in me.” Then, things will get existential. Raul is one of those people who couldn’t have been anything but an architect; his eye knows, his hand sees.

With 20 years of experience, Raul has been with WRNS since our founding in 2005. He has played an important role in the conceptual design phase of almost all of our projects, helping evolve our design ideas and advocate a distinct, critical point of view. He takes a project-specific approach to design, always considering the unique context  site, brand, culture, and history. In an industry often plagued by the need to justify design decisions with utility, he is unafraid of beauty for beauty’s sake.

Raul attended the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico, where he studied graphic design before switching to architecture and earning his Bachelor of Architecture. As a collaborator on competition teams, his work has been published throughout the world in Architectural Record, GA Houses, Arquitectura Mx, and Korean Architects magazines. Raul has co-curated art exhibits for the Mexican General Consulate and De Young Museum in San Francisco.

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