Pauline Souza

FAIA, LEED Fellow, LBC Hero, USGBC National Green Schools Advocate, USGBC Green Schools National Chair / Partner, Director of K - 12 and Community Studio

Pauline’s practice is rooted in a deep respect for people — those with whom she’s working to build something healthy, inspirational, and functional, and those who will spend their days in the environments we craft. With three decades of experience, she has dedicated her career to the building and advocacy of high-quality sustainable environments that serve our communities, with a particular focus on education and civic projects. The driving force behind her work is a passion for advancing the role of design as a medium for building a more sustainable future in which the next generation can flourish. What we build has a huge impact on our health and our planet, and for Pauline, it is critical to share what she has learned about holistic sustainability with just about anyone who will listen — clients, project teams, consultants, kids, and the broader community.

Pauline brings a tenacious leadership approach rooted in the idea that good design and sustainable design are synonymous. As WRNS Studio’s Director of Sustainability, she is responsible for implementing sustainable design principles into all of the studio’s projects and business operations. A recognized leader within the green building movement, she currently serves as a USGBC Green Schools National Chair, and has served as the Green Schools Advocate for the USGBC Green Schools Campaign since 2007. She speaks regularly at conferences and contributes often to publications focused on sustainability.

The WRNS Studio’s Director of Sustainability and Lead of the K-12 and Community Studio, Pauline has led award-winning and community-focused projects like Sacred Heart Schools Net Zero Stevens Library and the Atherton Library and Civic Center, which recently won an PEC All-Electric Award and AIA/ALA 2023 Library award. She helped to coauthor key chapters in the Decarbonization Building Practice Guide, and led the Sonoma Academy Guild and Commons (LEED Platinum and the first LBC project in the country to receive BOTH Zero Carbon and Petal Certification), earning the 2018 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project award — the highest honor for sustainable design in our industry. Pauline received the USGBC Green Business Leader Award, LBC Hero, and USGBC Greenest Apple Award.  She is an FAIA and LEED Fellow.

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