Oliver aus der Mühlen

LEED Green Associate / Designer

Oliver is an architecture aficionado. Having matriculated in Los Angeles, he developed an appreciation for the vast and varied architectural design styles that permeate the metropolis’ fabric. A modernist at heart, he prefers spaces that celebrate the materials in which they are constructed. He believes buildings and landscape should form a symbiotic relationship, with one informing the other.

Oliver began his career at Perkins and Will’s LA studio where he worked on an array of projects ranging from homeless shelters to medical centers. There, he worked on all phases within his projects, mentored junior staff, and dedicated time toward philanthropy. In 2019, Oliver relocated to San Francisco, joining WRNS Studio to continue his craft and explore the textures of an unfamiliar cosmopolitan city.

Oliver earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University, where he minored in Urban Studies. He has contributed, in both writing and design, to projects that have been published. When he’s not waxing poetic about architecture, you’ll find him listening to the sounds of the ocean, mountains, and forests.

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