Nathan Hyman


Nathan is a passionate and innovative designer who approaches architecture holistically. A lifelong learner, he enthusiastically undertakes new projects to broaden his skills and understanding of the built environment, and is always excited to help others and share his knowledge. He’s focused on community and driven, seeing architecture as a direct opportunity to improve people’s lives while positively impacting society. Flexible in his approach, he brings a sense of empathy and meaning to his work, navigating complexities with finesse and alacrity.

Nathan joined WRNS Studio with in-depth knowledge of architecture, fabrication, and project management. He’s worked on a wide range of award-winning commercial and residential projects, repeatedly demonstrating his commitment to the craft. A perfect fit for Nathan as he tends to gravitate towards the building’s envelope, being drawn to its capability for storytelling and the opportunity to significantly affect the overall energy efficiency of a project.

Earning his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona in 2014, and studying abroad in Copenhagen, significantly influenced his design aesthetic towards a timeless vernacular rooted in a deep commitment to sustainability.  This value based approach motivates him to push the envelope of innovation and building performance, using design to create a better world.

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