My Tran

Junior Designer

To Mỹ, design is the fulfillment of the dream of a common language. When he arrived to Hawaiʻi, Mỹ used illustrations and sketches to communicate with his new neighbors while learning English. He used the same method years later during his travels abroad, where he noted how the unique architecture of each place shares its values and ideas, its complex histories and aspirations. This understanding directly informs Mỹ’s design practice, which completely synthesizes architecture with visual communications and storytelling. He has applied his expertise to a wide range of project types from residential to landscape design. His primary goal is not to make a statement, but rather to make design and its elements more accessible so they can be a source of comfort and connection.

Mỹ earned his Bachelors of Environmental Design and Doctorate of Architecture at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and his Master of Architecture degree in Architecture and Urban Planning Department at Tongji University, earning multiple design awards and recognitions. When he’s not in the studio, Mỹ enjoys playing sports, outdoor activities, and traveling.

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