Moses Vaughan

AIA / Senior Associate, Senior Architect

With almost 30 years of experience, Moses has built his practice of design upon the idea that a comprehensive understanding of the tools and methods of construction always results in a more evocative architecture. A strong proponent of empirical and iterative design, he often builds hand-crafted prototypes which lead to formal mock-ups and more detailed vendor-produced samples — all intended to prove (or refute) the validity of specific design solutions.

Moses is particularly focused on building exteriors, having helped to develop innovative curtain wall envelopes, prior to joining WRNS Studio. He has woven these into many of our high-profile projects, including new work for Adobe, UCSF Mission Bay, and Intuit.

For Moses, the building exterior presents a demanding technical challenge; it takes a great deal of study and cross-discipline cooperation to deliver an evocative architectural expression that also meets a myriad of technical and performance goals, while remaining within projected budget constraints. This is achieved only by close collaboration with studio designers, engineering consultants, materials vendors, and ultimately skilled builders — all working together to develop sophisticated technical expertise and understand the many critical elements of design and technology. With every project there is a search for maximum effect with minimal waste, to strive for a delicate balance of exuberance, craft, and thrift.

Moses earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University.

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