Molly Hiatt

Senior Architectural Designer

While many a designer prefers the visioning and schematic design phases of a project, Molly most comes to life during the construction phase–when ideas and sketches are given form, mass, and structure in the material world. This is not to say that Molly is purely concerned with technicalities.  An artist and creative problem solver at heart, Molly’s meticulous design approach is instead born of an understanding that design is a service to the commons–refusing to betray one design concern to resolve another.

Prior to joining WRNS Studio, Molly worked abroad for ten years (Sydney, Tokyo, and most recently, London). Her experience with both the creative and technical facets of design have allowed Molly to master the art of zooming in and out of a project to understand multiple perspectives–from its larger site challenges to the minutiae details, from the drafting table to the construction site. Her ethos: do things well no matter the scale. It’s this commitment to craft–both its practical and artistic dimensions–that drew Molly to WRNS Studio. Her portfolio of work spans projects across typologies (from mixed use projects to cultural and transportation facilities) with most of her projects benefiting clients in higher education.

Molly earned her bachelor’s degree from the  University of Washington, her Master’s degree from Oxford Brookes University, and RIBA III postgraduate diploma from Westminster University to achieve ARB licensure. A dancer and boxer, she enjoys training, rock climbing, surfing, and visiting new places in her spare time.

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