Melinda Rosenberg

Assoc. AIA, SHRM / Partner, Director of Human Resources

Melinda has always been curious about understanding and shaping culture. She arrived at WRNS in 2005 and helped open our doors, ushering in the vibrant, creative, diverse and hard-working ethos that has helped us become the nationally recognized design firm we are today. WRNS is truly its people, and Melinda has recruited and helped us retain the best. Since day one, we’ve attracted an incredibly talented group of designers and professionals who are committed to good design, social and environmental stewardship and critical discourse. With no shortage of parties and social outings, Melinda knows how to balance our culture of hard work with play.

As Director of Administration and Human Resources, she is also responsible for making sure our office and projects run smoothly. A former construction administrator, she understands firsthand the importance of strong client and consultant relationships and thorough quality control. Melinda has her finger on the pulse of any given project in the office, supporting and directing her team of project administrators to ensure seamless project delivery.

Melinda has worked in many different industries and professions during her career, from commercial seafood, to health care to retail and hospitality, always searching for that thing that would make her most happy and successful. It wasn’t until she landed in the design profession, surrounded by creativity, passion, intellect and substance that she found her place, her career.

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