Louis Li


Louis’ lifelong romance with art and form was born with his studies in Chinese calligraphy–a passion that has extended beyond the xuan paper and into the built environment. A trained architect, urbanist, and industrial designer, Louis’ design approach revolves around creating inspiring, sustainable, and highly functional environments.  Prior to joining WRNS Studio, Louis interned with such firms as Perkins and Will, Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects, MultiArchitecture, and GOA Architects, lending both his architecture and graphic design skills to projects such as the T.Y. Lin World Headquarters in Chongqing. Louis was drawn to WRNS Studio’s unique and robust body of work, which he believes represents the firm’s faith in the possibility of creating a better world through good design—a shared vision he holds close to his practice. A budding designer, he brings to the firm the varied experiences of his internship and studies, alongside his passion for marrying design with technology to create elegant, human-centered spaces.

Louis earned his Bachelor’s in Architecture at Zhejiang University, with a minor in Industrial Design, and completed his Master’s in Architecture at Carnegie Mellon, where his concentration included studies in both technology and sustainability in the built environment. Outside of work, he continues practicing calligraphy and enjoys photography, cycling, being active, and reading.