Loren Heslep

CID, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C / Senior Interior Designer

Loren led her first interior design project (a bathroom renovation in her family home) in grade school, an early sign of her creative abilities. While a lot has changed for Loren since that first project, her passion for problem-solving and discovery has remained the same.  Committed to cultivating culture and creating memorable experiences, Loren works with clients and the design team to translate aspirations into tangible design strategies. Throughout her career, she has led discovery-based processes that aim to understand each client’s unique identity and challenges to create high-performing, optimized interior environments.  Loren’s portfolio of work is noteworthy for its workplace design, and she has worked with international giants such as Sony, Bungie, and the NBA on headquarters that both reflect brand identity and support the needs of their users.

Loren earned her degree at Virginia Tech.  When she’s not tackling home projects or spending time with her husband, she enjoys camping and hiking around the Pacific Northwest.

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