Lerena Zhao


Lerena is a designer who embraces interdisciplinary fields. Throughout her academic studies and professional practice, she’s gained experience on multiple aspects of architecture, interiors, engineering, and industrial design. She approaches projects focusing on the dynamic relationships between architecture and its contexts, as well as in how people relate and interact with the surroundings employing all senses.

Prior to joining WRNS in 2019, Lerena worked on various projects, form historic buildings rehabilitation and ferry terminals to private residential projects. She also held several internships at award-winning firms in Seattle and Beijing, during which time she was exposed to different scales of projects ranging from commercial buildings to urban design. At WRNS, Lerena handles various aspects of design and is currently working on a Google Mountain View office project.

Lerena earned her Master of Architecture from University of California, Berkeley and her Bachelor of Engineering from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. She is excited to be part of the creative discourse and is eager to further explore how the built environment influences cultures and people’s way of life.

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