Laura Stedman

Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager

Laura was drawn to architecture by its unique blend of academic rigor and humanism. Her role at WRNS Studio is a similar mesh of manager and designer. Design intent and the human scale compel her practice, and she believes that embedding sustainability in design is critical to improving quality of life. Lauded for her project management approach, Laura is strategic and proactive; she isn’t one to let action items linger, and she works to build and foster strong client relationships. Clients include Stanford University, the University of California, the University of Texas, Amazon, Dolby, Microsoft, and Snap. Committed to sharing what she’s learned with the broader industry, Laura shares best practices in workshops and white papers like Eight Strategies for Successful Public-Private Partnerships, which she co-authored with representatives from the University of California and the Society for College and University Planning. 

Laura earned her Master of Architecture from Columbia University, where she was a graduate teaching assistant in the architecture program. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the Edinburgh College of Art, School of Architecture, and studied in Copenhagen, Denmark on an Erasmus scholarship.

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