Kelsey Cohen

Project Designer

Kelsey joined WRNS Studio in 2019 shortly after graduating with a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. As part of her studies, she interned in Mexico City, getting first-hand experience of how the local communities use limited building resources to create unconventional solutions. Ultimately, this led to her thesis research where she was awarded the Chester Miller Traveling Fellowship to examine urban and rural construction methodologies in Thailand. She began her architectural journey at Connecticut College earning her Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies with a minor in Art. She credits her global experience to making her a more empathetic designer dedicated to creating spaces that respond to the regional vernacular.

Prior to grad school, Kelsey worked at a design studio in New York City, focusing on brand, exhibit and graphic design for clients such as The Union Square Partnership and Museum of Jewish Heritage. As a designer, project manager and content developer, narrative became an essential part of her design philosophy. At the studio, Kelsey helps with research and presentation development, conceptualization and construction detailing.

Kelsey is a native New Yorker with a license to walk. As a relatively new San Franciscan, she enjoys finding unconventional building assemblies while wandering the city, and taking advantage of the Bay Area’s immediacy to nature. On any given weekend, you’ll find her biking to Ocean Beach, getting lost in a museum, or cooking with friends.

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