Josh Riek


Context and the human experience are Josh’s major focuses as a designer. He joined WRNS to engage in the studio’s critical, innovative culture, contributing his unique mix of contextually-driven, green architecture with an eye for immaculate detailing. He enjoys exploring the bounds of design and his own creativity to find unique ways of integrating place, sustainability, and thoughtful usability for a more resilient future. He likes the idea that buildings he had a hand in creating will outlast him, and he does his best to ensure that what is left behind by our own generation continues to speak of an attentive people to those that follow in our footsteps. Josh earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of South Florida, where he completed his thesis “Sojourn in Silence” — a blend of architecture, music and the notion of the journey, all packaged into a theoretical pilgrimage that speculates on using soundscapes and thresholds to shape spatial experience. In addition to designing physical spaces, Josh is a musician and guitarist, and spends much of his time outside of the office writing aural compositions. 

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