James Corboy


James takes great pride in the process of construction, the physical transition of thoughtful plans into built spaces. A craftsmen at heart, technique and artistry during construction administration offers him perspective on how to deliver a gracious design that is evocative of and gives back to the community. Even forays into furniture making have been informed by his interest in the mechanics of building. Spurred by a generous spirit, his design approach stems from a moral understanding that we should leave the world better than how we found it.

James, an Irish lad, earned his Master’s degree from University College Dublin. His thesis project aimed to illicit the local character of Western Ireland for a writer’s retreat in Roundstone in County Galway. He in turn was employed by his thesis mentor, O’Donnell + Tuomey, to work on cultural projects including a gallery and lecture hall for his former thesis site. Before joining WRNS Studio, he worked at NAVA in New York on high end residential projects. James is taking in the food scene of his adopted home through pies, be they sour cream apple walnut pie, prosecco apple pie or of course pizza pies.

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