Ioanna Tatli

Intermediate Designer

Ioanna is a creative problem-solver who approaches architecture as the art of solving new, exciting enigmas that combine function, structure and aesthetics. She gravitates towards large-scale, mixed-use programs that address social concerns and aim to achieve a sense of place. She is influenced by the work of Alexander Tzonis, Liane Lefaivre, and Kenneth Frampton on critical regionalism, respecting the significance of context and materiality in architecture.

Prior to joining WRNS Studio, she worked as an architect in Greece winning several competitions and working on a wide range of projects and scales in Europe. Throughout her coursework, she received numerous awards and scholarships both in Greece and in the US including, the Young Architect / Engineer Award from the Technical Chamber of Greece, and grants from UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design. Having been a graduate student researcher, she brings in-depth knowledge of material science and digital fabrication to the firm. Her ability to come up with out-of-the box solutions and succinctly communicate with clients is reflected in her work.

Ioanna is a licensed architect in the European Union. She earned her Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley and received a professional degree in Architectural Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where she was named valedictorian, both from the Department of Engineering and the School of Architecture. Currently, she is in the process of getting her architecture license in California. She remains academically active, conducting research with her former professor at UC Berkeley, where she is also a Visiting Design Critic. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting and landscape photography.

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