Hector Roy

LEED Green Associate / Architect

Hector is a passionate, multidisciplinary designer who sees architecture as a way of life — an extension of how he interacts with and observes the world. Inherently drawn to problem solving, and curious by nature, he enjoys exploring new technologies and working with teams to develop creative, sustainable solutions. He approaches projects in an organized, practical fashion, analyzing the physical, cultural, and economical contexts. With a keen eye for detail, he effortlessly combines artistry and design with technical know-how to help clients achieve their goals.

Rooted in a collaborative process, Hector has worked with a wide-range of partners on every aspect of the design and construction process. His breadth of experience allows him to add value across a myriad of project and team situations. He brings a global perspective to WRNS Studio, having worked in Madrid, Paris, London, and San Francisco, and joined the firm with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare, educational and commercial industries. He helped WRNS with the winning concept for Stanford University Quarry Road housing, and is currently working with the team to develop it. Additionally, he is working on several tenant improvement projects throughout the Bay Area.

Hector is registered architect in Spain and the UK. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture and his Master of Architecture from ETSAM Polytechnic University of Madrid where he specialized in conservation and restoration.

An enthusiastic generalist, Hector embraces life with full gusto. He’s fluent in four languages, teaches weekend paella cooking classes, practices yoga, design lamps and furnitures, and grows his own garden.

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