Hattie Stroud

Associate, Architect

Curious about the social and artistic aspects of architecture, Hattie’s talent lies in drawing, model making, and conceptual design. She is equally interested in the technical and artistic elements of architecture and approaches design as a negotiation of constituencies. Her process is less about hammering her will into a project and more about creating a design that is responsive to the site, society, surrounding city, and users. After earning degrees in Architecture and Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, she worked on custom residential projects in New York City and Boston. As a Masters of Architecture student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, she had the honor of studying with Pritzker Prize winners Wang Shu and Toyo Ito. Hattie’s award-winning work has been published in Dimensions and Platform, as well as presented at the Defining Actions Symposium at the Harvard Club of Japan. Hattie is also a graphic and web designer and amateur programmer. 


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