Eileen Ong

Associate, Senior Architect

As one of our most experienced Project Architects, Eileen is respected for her ability to think strategically before diving into a problem, always trying to ensure a seamless, efficient process. This approach informs everything from the way she manages projects to the specific tools she uses for design. Eileen finds that with 3D technology, it can be easy to take shortcuts, so she’s always seeking a balance between using these powerful applications and working things out the “old way.” She has a reputation for keeping her projects on track, while working with designers to maintain the overall design intent.

Eileen has spent 35 years in the industry, over 25 of them working with the partners of WRNS Studio, focusing on our K-12 studio. An avid birder, she is always searching for ways to integrate what she has learned from nature into our work. She is passionate about addressing issues like bird strikes and nesting behavior that can be problematic in any setting. She earned her Associate in Science in Architectural Technology from San Francisco City College.

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