Craig Chapple

AIA / Senior Architect

Both pragmatic and idealistic, Craig views architecture as an opportunity to create spaces that not only excel in meeting complex project needs but deliver inspiring and meaningful experiences.

Prior to joining WRNS Studio, Craig worked with both boutique studios and large firms, collaborating on a variety of projects from both single- and multi-family housing to labs, towers, and large commercial offices–including Adobe’s San Jose Headquarters. For most of his career, Craig has worked with clients from planning to final detailing, leading internal and external teams through complex design challenges to fulfill project goals. His innate sense of duty–to clients, his team, and the public good–has helped him deliver on the promise of good design through a hands-on, value-driven process that maintains quality across scales and typologies.

Craig earned his Master of Architecture from Yale University and his Bachelor of Architectural Design from Arizona State University. Outside the studio, Craig is interested in things he can make – building bikes, furniture, and painting – and spending time with his family.

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