Chris Niewiarowski

Associate, IT Director

Chris’ career in IT began when he started deconstructing and reassembling computers as a kid — instantly he was hooked. Throughout his career, he’s charted his own course, tackling complex problems in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, keeping the human experience at the core of every solution. An entrepreneur at heart, founded Chris’ Computing at age 16, which he grew into a go-to IT resource in Contra Costa County with 5 employees. As WRNS Studio’s IT Director, Chris ensures that our technological infrastructure is as innovative as we are, supporting the studio as we grow. His approach is characterized by tenacious problem-solving paired with a calm, personal demeanor and an eye for the bigger picture.

Chris’ passion for sustainability aligns closely with the studio’s commitment to responsible design and development. After visiting a landfill as part of a volunteer trip, Chris focused on modeling solutions for a less disposable lifestyle in his own day-to-day experiences. As a result, he has founded Dream Life Farms, an urban farm where he grows his own food, and he built one of the first-of-its-kind net zero homes in Martinez, California. He seeks to apply this way of thinking — efficient, less wasteful, proactive — to his work in tech. By creating more sustainable IT infrastructure within the studio, he supports WRNS’ mission to work green.

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