Brian Milman

AIA / Partner

Brian’s practice is a mesh of critical design, technical innovation, and skilled management. Like his talent, Brian’s portfolio is diverse, ranging from small community centers in San Francisco to large-scale creative workplaces for clients like Adobe and Intuit. His ability to connect the macro and micro — on any given day he might be deeply engaged in a new campus master plan or immersed in detailing a building — brings tremendous value to our studio culture.

Brian has always been fascinated with how things get built, investigating the more tactile modes of design throughout his career, including metalwork and furniture fabrication. A designer and builder, he can communicate with both, a skill that has proven critical on many of WRNS Studio’s most complex projects.

Brian began exploring the role of technology in design early on, beginning with time-lapse movies and interactive multimedia presentations that explored architecture’s role in a transient culture. As the WRNS Studio’s Information Technology Partner in Charge, he implements new tools to improve our practice, advocating early on for BIM to expand design capabilities and Newforma to increase project management efficiency.

Brian earned his Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida.

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