Blair Begbie


Blair’s connection to architecture and design has been shaped by a strong sense of history and the human experience. Blair achieved her Master and Bachelor of Architecture at Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana. During her time in graduate school, she studied in Rome, furthering her background in classical and ancient studies, her undergraduate minor. During her time there, she focused on analyzing monuments and their role in shaping surrounding communal gathering spaces.

A dancer and musician, Blair’s sense of design is deeply influenced by the arts. She enjoys creating spaces that serve a variety of people, and most importantly, have the potential to improve quality of life. Blair’s thesis focused on understanding the connection between the built environment and spatial navigation, specifically in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Her thesis posited that high-quality spaces might improve patient health by helping repair neural wiring in the brain. While Blair enjoys investigating the theoretical aspects of design, she is also fascinated with materials. As a hands-on designer, she enjoys woodworking and mixed-media compositions.

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