Asti Wilson


Asti’s design process is always grounded in a sense of discovery. She appreciates testing out materials in her workshop or creating multiple hand-drawn sketches to advance towards a thoughtful design solution — the iterative process is critical to her practice. Before WRNS, Asti interned at Gresham, Smith and Partners and Muñoz and company. A member of our Honolulu studio, and a native of New Mexico, her design sensibility spurs from the scenery of her home state. She seeks ways to incorporate the awesome scale of mountains and nature with human experience, mirroring this juxtaposition in her design solutions. She enjoys including products like the Nano Wall to help bring the outdoors in, merging the interior and exterior spaces. Acoustics are a particular passion for Asti. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Texas Tech University and her Master of Architecture at Virginia Polytechnic University. Her Master’s thesis, completed entirely by sketch, compared the complimentary relationship of the use of timber and concrete as it relates to acoustical sound quality in a multifaceted music venue.

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