Anya Sinha


Anya is a multicultural designer with a strong work ethic and a knack for conceptualizing resource-efficient solutions that preserve the natural environment while paying homage to culture. She approaches projects methodically, marrying technical expertise with theoretical concepts, research findings, and real world observations.

Originally from the Bay Area, Anya spent high school in India, received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from University of California at Berkeley, and her Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. During her coursework, she studied abroad in London and Rome, worked as an architectural designer in San Francisco, interned in Tokyo, and received numerous scholarships and prizes in recognition of her continued achievements. Most recently, she placed third in Japan’s Central Glass International Design Competition.

Anya joined WRNS Studio in June 2019, soon after graduating UPenn, and is excited to pursue her passion of creating inspiring spaces that engage the occupants and connect them to the larger, cultural and environmental context. During her free time, Anya enjoys dancing and performing with hip hop teams, reading, cooking, and traveling.

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