Amanda Eagleston

Project Accountant

Amanda is a creative force. She is as pragmatic as she is idealistic. Her passion lies in making the world a more tolerable place. Akin to how architects approach a project, Amanda is dedicated to building experiences that promote health and happiness, putting people first.

A California native, Amanda grew up in Napa, surrounded by family, music aficionados, and playing sports. She joined WRNS Studio in 2019 to assist with the daily accounting operations. When she’s not scrutinizing numbers and overseeing bookkeeping and reports, you’ll find her nurturing one of her many hobbies — organizing music concerts, leading a print-making class, learning woodworking, supporting climate change activists, or hiking. Upbeat and friendly, she brings a positive spirit to her work, effortlessly balancing the minutiae with big picture thinking. An entrepreneur at heart, she studied business and accounting at Napa Valley College, using it as a foundation to what she loves most — serving her community.

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