Alex Jopek


Alex joined WRNS soon after moving to San Francisco, a city that the east-coaster quickly adopted as his own. The access to the outdoors and ability to bike, hike or climb on any given weekend provides an essential compliment to architecture and the built environment.

After studying architecture, art, and environmental science at Middlebury, Alex went on to graduate with distinction from Cornell's Master of Architecture program. His education, combined with a background in construction and craftsmanship, lead to an interest in design that is experiential and haptic, with a deep interest in materiality, craft, and the interface between the body and space.

Like WRNS, Alex values the design process and believes that buildings and occupants should be unique rather than formulaic. This site-specific approach is made possible with diversity of design methodologies and project types. For Alex, architecture is nonlinear, and his agility in iterating design at all scales facilitates innovation and richness in any project.

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