Friday Link Pack — July 29, 2016

Friday Link Pack — July 29, 2016

We’re always swapping stories in the Studio — an article we read on the way into work, a book we couldn’t put down, even shows we want to see together. That’s why we compile these weekly 'must reads' for you to join the conversation.

"Pardon our construction." Our New York home in the Standard Oil Building is coming along (and Studio Director Stephen Kelley appears to be entering a different dimension in the panorama shot above). Stay tuned for our move in this Fall… — John McGill

An X-Ray View of Tokyo’s Complex Architecture
Tomoyuki Tanaka draws these amazing and intricate hand drawings of subterranean structures and infrastructure in Tokyo. Pretty darn amazing.  — Tom Van Pelt

Legible Graffiti
Mathieu Tremblin has calmed all of my graffiti anxieties.  — Gabriella Medina

Pokemon Go and a New Kind of Cartography
"It's leading to interactions and experiences with the environment that are in turn strange, wonderful and disturbing"Molly Thomas

San Francisco Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street
If you missed this event in SF, you can still check out the list of participants to explore the art book world. It’s also a good reminder to drop by Minnesota Street. — Christian Whopperer

New Jersey’s Deserted Mid-Century Motels by Night
There’s a lovely kind of clarity in the kitsch. — Sam Moeller

Sacred Heart Schools Stevens Net Zero Library
How can energy-saving strategies become learning tools? — Pauline Souza

99 Percent Invisible Covers The Mind of an Architect
99% just did an episode on the link Lynn shared last week. It’s wonderfully tangible when you get to hear the recorded debate between Eero Saarinen and Philip Johnson. — Christian Whopperer and Annelise DeVore

The House that Love Built Before it was Gone
Architects making homes for lovers + Corbusier drama. — Molly Thomas

Staying Cool in Hawaii
In his State of the State speech in January, Governor David Ige pledged to cool 1,000 public school classrooms by the end of 2016. We’re helping them do it. — Adam Woltag

Science Fiction’s Cities and What They Say About Us
An interesting take on how the cities we imagine often reflect who we are and can even inform how cities evolve. — Annelise DeVore

This Magical Pen Conducts Electricity
This pen conducts light using silver ink, how cool would our models look?  — Eric Mondragon

Designalyze with Patrik Schumacher
This podcast from Designalyze with Patrik Schumacher of ZHA is very good and thought provoking, especially if you are interested the tension between intuition and computational design like I am. — Brian Washburn

Work Like a Human
Designing truly great spaces takes great clients. Check out what Airbnb is doing to retain top talent — including leveraging a vibrant, branded environment tailored to their people. — Kyle Elliott

Art Monday

This week’s artists come from Josh Stern and Alex Prusakov. Josh’s recommendation, Astro is based in France and creates massive murals that are grounded in the graffiti tradition while toying with space and shadow to create optical illusions. We really enjoy the public aspect of the work and the way it activates urban spaces. Also, per Josh: Apparently, he’s half of the duo behind CelloGraff, which uses cellophane as a disposable wall surface they can paint on without (as much) fear from the authorities.

Alex’s recommendation is probably a familiar one, but one whose work may have evolved since you last encountered him. Alex shared this great NYT article on Chuck Close’s Mysterious Metamorphosis, which is a fascinating read. Close is known for his hyper-realistic portraiture and massive, pixelated works which materialize into faces from afar. — Sam Moeller