Three ideals inform WRNS Studio’s approach to each project: beauty, sustainability, and a positive contribution to the public realm. It is the relentless pursuit of these ideals, carried out over a diversity of project types, scales, and contexts, that accounts in large part for our success.

Beauty, for us, is about bringing pleasure to the senses and conjuring emotion as one inhabits or moves through a space. With a bias for human-scale modernism, we approach design through the fundamentals of functionality, proportion, quality of light and space, and raw, honest materials.

As long-time advocates for sustainable design—which we believe to be inextricably linked with beauty—we seek to advance the symbiotic relationship between the health of people and that of our natural environment. To develop a resonant sustainable design response, we uncover and make evident an organization’s core values, while helping our clients make informed decisions that will result in little to no increased financial burden on a project. We believe that good design should not come at a premium.

As urban designers and architects who have spent our careers working with public agencies, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, and developers, we think a lot about the public realm, and how it might be enriched. For us, place is at once built reality, cultural undertaking, layered history, and crucible for the future.

While our ideals guide us, it is our people that truly make WRNS Studio excellent. We’ve learned from working with some of the world’s most transformative organizations that the most important thing we can do, as a business whose process and product is about innovation and creativity, is to attract, cultivate, and nurture talented people who share our values. The culture at WRNS is strong and distinct, with interests focused on craft, technology, education, and pro-bono work. We have a thriving scholarship program that promotes inspiration and critical thinking in design and architecture, with topics ranging from rammed earth construction to Robert Irwin’s explorations of light and space. An informal mentorship program complements our scholarship program. With several career-long educators at the helm, our work is bracketed by a vigorous culture of education, linking academia with practice to advance architectural excellence.

WRNS Studio was the first architecture firm with headquarters in California, and is one of 45 architecture firms nationwide, to achieve the International Living Futures Institute’s JUST Label. This “nutrition label” encourages companies to disclose their commitments to a range of equity indicators including diversity, equity, safety, worker benefit, local benefit, and stewardship.

You can find our JUST Profile here.

Marketing Specialist

Location: San Francisco Minimum Requirements: 3-7 years marketing experience Please send resumes to: info@wrnsstudio.com

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Manage proposals, qualifications, and awards packages
  • Support presentations for interviews and conferences
  • Engage in assets + collateral maintenance: marketing files, project + client database, image database, web site, project sheets, brochures, resumes
  • Support business development via research, research oversight, and outreach to potential targets
  • Manage, track, and report marketing activities and calendars
  • Support internal + digital communications


  • Past experience in a marketing role producing proposals
  • Advanced proficiency in InDesign and PowerPoint; proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Excellent writing, editing and communications skills
  • Basic skills with graphic layout and presentation
  • Ability to work on multiple deadlines in a fast paced environment
  • Willingness to work overtime
  • Commitment to high quality work and attention to detail
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • LEED GA preferred

Summer Internship Program

Location: San Francisco, CA

Internships at WRNS Studio

The practice of architecture asks for intense engagement with the work we produce, an engagement that comes from collaboration. This pandemic has taught us that even if we lose the ability to work with each other in our physical space, we have the technology and the drive to find new ways of keeping that collaborative spirit alive. Given the current public health crisis, WRNS Studio has decided that our summer internships will be remote for 2021. Due to the nature of collaboration, our internship program will be operating during Pacific Standard Time and we ask that your work schedule is compatible with the hours the majority of the studio will be working. You will be required to use your personal computer to remote connect to our servers and we ask that you have a stable and reliable internet connection: this will enable WRNS Studio to provide the other necessary software and resources for your work. WRNS Studio has had great success with remote working over the past year and we are confident that we can provide you with the best internship experience possible during this complicated time. Please continue reading to learn more about our studio and internship program for summer 2021.

WRNS Studio is called “studio” for a reason: through open, in-house critiques and roving tutors, we engage in an ongoing critical discussion about how the firm’s buildings can most powerfully evoke place, while avoiding the trivializing effects of mimicry. The result is two-fold: a vigorous culture of education, linking the academy and practice; and a distinguished portfolio of buildings spanning a broad range of programmatic type, fundamentally rooted in mission, place, time, culture and human aspiration.

We believe in challenging, teaching, researching and growing in all aspects of our work. We are seeking interns who are curious, engaged and proactive (and will even teach us a thing or two). It is our belief that the best education WRNS can offer you is to treat you as a young professional — a staff member — so that you can learn about the integrated process of design and construction through real projects, in real time. We will assign work based on your skillset and specific project needs, as we would with any staff member, and we will do our best to accommodate any specific goals you have for your time with us.

To ensure a truly rich, diverse experience, our internships include educational activities that will support the work you do in the studio. These activities will broaden your exposure to many aspects of the profession and arm you with skills you will need throughout your professional career as an architect:

  • Research Presentation — Over the course of your internship, you will be required to conduct research on a topic themed around a particular issue chosen by the office. At the end of your internship, you will give a short presentation to the studio sharing your findings. This will mirror similar presentations given by staff at our many culture events (SkillSHARE, Scholarship Presentations, WRNS U and more).
  • Weekly All-Staff Presentations — Typically we would offer several trips to job sites to provide you with the experience of seeing our working under construction, but given our remote working situation we have substituted this with weekly presentations by staff on past and current projects to keep everyone up to date with the work being produced in the studio.
  • Internship Recap and Assessment — At the completion of your internship you will meet with a staff advocate and the internship group to provide an opportunity for you to share our experience and benefit from a candid conversation of our experience with you.


Internship Time Line

  • Application Deadline: Sunday, February 28th, 2021; No late submissions will be accepted/reviewed.
  • Interviews: March 15th through March 26th
  • Final Decisions: Friday, April 2nd, 2021
  • Internship Dates: If selected, your internship start and end dates can be negotiated. Typically, internships occur between the months of May and September.


Application Requirements

Please fill out the Application Form: https://forms.gle/rVfswjyqP1dyy74X7. It is critical that all applicants follow these submission requirements, as WRNS will not review incorrect applications. Single PDF Only.  10MB limit.  Order your PDF as follows: Cover Letter, Resume, Portfolio. File naming convention: LastName_FirstName_2021Portfolio

We can’t wait to hear from you!