Breathing New Life into Hardware

Breathing New Life into Hardware

We’re always seeking ways to do more with less while staying on the cutting edge of design and technology. That’s why we’ve partnered with TechExchange to breathe new life into computers we’re no longer using. It’s a small way of giving back and supporting local technology literacy.

As designers, being on the cusp of technological advances is critical. It’s why we adopted BIM and REVIT early, and why we’re tinkering under the hood to make it even better. We’re constantly trying new software and technology, like VR, to see how we might add to our spectrum of tools (while still using pencil and trace too). However, this rapidly evolving landscape isn’t just digital — there’s hardware involved. That means forging ahead can result in letting go of old equipment, a process that can be incredibly wasteful.

As an SF Green Business and a signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment, we’re a firm that cares deeply about the impact of our work on the environment. In the end, we cycle out about 10 – 15 computers a year, and we need to find those older models new homes. It turns out that 81% of a computer’s use is in the making of it, not the use, so repurposing older models is far more sustainable than recycling.

That’s where TechExchange comes in. They’re a non-profit in Oakland that works with low-income households, local schools, and organizations to offer discounted internet, free refurbished desktops, inexpensive used Mac and PC laptops, volunteer-to-earn-a-computer options, and free training.

Now our retired models are helping TechExchange in their mission to provide computer access to the 50% of low-income families currently going without. We are humbled to support the incredible work they’re doing and happy to know our old desktops and laptops are still doing good work.